Refund and Returns Policy

To be eligible for a return, our system must confirm that you did not access and/or downloaded the manual and that you are willing to get a refund instead of getting the manual by any other alternative digital delivery method.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer a refund and return guarantee for manuals, since you gain access to a digital product, therefore It is very difficult to protect ourselves from malicious users who will download their manual and then create a false problem to get their money back unfairly. So we simply can’t offer a refund for this, sorry for that and thanks for understanding.

What we can offer is a ton of pre-sale support. If you are curious about what our manual contains, you can check our in-depth product describing what we make in full detail with free access to the documentation for every manual we provide, as well as sample pages for many of our repair manuals. For any additional questions, you can always contact us via email or live pre-sales chat support. So it is possible to get a detailed understanding of what our repair manuals contain before you commit to downloading.

If you’ve already downloaded one or two of our manuals and wish you’d gone for the membership to save money… Just ask and we can possibly upgrade you for the difference in price, we have done this many times before.

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