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Auto Fuses and Wiring

Fuses are a type of electrical device that is used to provide short-circuit protection for electrical circuits. There are different types of fuses and relays and some of them are described below. Fuses that are plugged into a circuit normally have an indicator that allows you to know that they are hot. When a fuse is tripped or blown, the lid will raise up revealing the silver fuse inside. Normally the lid is transparent so that you can see what is happening inside. The fuses go up or down depending on how close to the circuit the fuse is.

How do I find the fuse box location?

Alwyas use your owner’s manual to find the location of the fusebox or check it out on this page. In most cases, you will find it under the steering wheel or in the engine, but in some models, it is in the glove compartment.

How do I know when a fuse is blown?

The most noticeable sign will be the failure of your electrical system in your car, such as the windows stopping to operate correctly, the car radio stopping or the dashboard lights no longer illuminating properly, without any previous signs of problems or fatigue.

How do I replace the fuse?

Find the correct fuse size and rating. Check it has the same rating (amps) as the blown fuse. Use your owner’s manual along with the fuse panel diagram and the numbered colour-coded fuses to help you determine the correct rating (amps) as getting the wrong fuse could cause some serious damage to your system.

Follow the repair guidelines on the diagram you have in your owner manual. Look over the fuses and verify if they have the same colour code and ranking. Using the wrong fuse type may cause significant system damage.

How do I check the Circuit?

As soon as you fix the blown fuse, check the electrical system is running, and isolate all the electrical devices by not turning them on. There is a way to reflect on the problematic method. An overload led the car to shut down. The faulty system should be working now.

If the circuit failed to operate properly, then there is a significant issue that must be checked by an expert technician.

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